409 Perry – Sold 6/4/2019

409 Perry – Sold 6/4/2019

This house was our first flipped home sale! We purchased this home from someone who needed to leave the area to rejoin his significant other that had accepted a job on the east coast. He had started fixing up the home but still had a really long way to go on the essentials.

The plumbing was partially installed but wouldn’t pass code inspections. The same held true for the electrical and HVAC. This was all the result of the owner changing the floor layout by adding a main floor bathroom, a second-floor family bath, and a master suite.

After working on the property for just a couple of months, we were able to finish all of the flooring, install attractive new siding, and finish installing the drywall while adding a beautiful plaster finish. In addition, we fixed the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC issues so they would pass inspections. This house generated a lot of interest, and before we were even able to finish the renovations, we found a buyer that loved the house. Buy purchasing it before it was completed, the new owners were able to have our crews make some customizations to the home. It’s truly something they will love for years to come!


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