Full Transparency: The many benefits of updating windows.

We recently posted a video on our social media outlets asking people to guess how many windows we’ve replaced in the last year at our various projects around Albion.  I knew it had been a lot, maybe even more than 100. I guess I didn’t really stop to ponder this until one of my partners came up with the whole idea of asking our social media followers this question.

It got me thinking about all the projects we’ve undertaken in the last year and how many more properties we’ve looked at purchasing around town. Armed with this information, I quickly realized how often we think about replacing windows when we’re looking to rehab a home, either for sale or rent.

Home Sweet (New Windows) Home.
New windows are a key feature to an ACE Investment Properties home. And why shouldn’t they be? From safety to energy savings, windows play an important part in the homeownership process.

Most people who are looking at a house to rent or purchase don’t consider the windows to be an important part of the equation.  We tend to take windows for granted as not much more than a function to let in light, or simply glance at them as we pass them by to look at other features.

Here are the top reasons why new windows have become so important for our business and for our home buyers and tenants:

  • Functionality: As much as we love the old homes around the greater Albion area, far too many have the original windows with wood frames that have been neglected, warped or painted shut and can’t even be opened. While this is certainly a comfort issue when you can’t open a window for fresh air, it’s also a safety issue when windows can’t be opened in the event of a fire. Also, old windows have separate screens and storm windows that get misplaced or broken, further reducing how well they get utilized.
  • Efficiency: This is a big selling point for homebuyers because heating and cooling a house in our crazy Michigan climate requires windows to be as efficient as possible. And one of the biggest energy loss areas in a house is through inefficient windows. Old windows are also very drafty, forcing homeowners and tenants to run to the hardware store to purchase plastic coverings in the winter to try and keep the cold air out.
  • Appearance: Let’s face it, new windows just look better. When we tour an older house with original wood-framed windows that have been painted over and over, we see paint brushed up on the glass that was never scraped off. What a mess. Old Midwestern homes sure do have some good bones and lots of charm, but ugly windows make them seem tired and run down.
  • Safety: One of our new tenants was moving out of a three-bedroom house and into one of our renovated homes. In her old house, she reported that she didn’t even let her kids sleep in the two upstairs rooms because the windows were either cracked or broken. She simply wasn’t comfortable with young kids playing in those rooms without her around. I can’t blame her. Broken windows are no fun, and they lead to all sorts of issues beyond safety like efficiency, rot, mold, and water damage, to name a few.

While we’re on our mission to Build A Better Albion, you can rest assured that when you look at an ACE home, we’ve taken a good hard look offering you the most enjoyable and efficient home available…which means we’ve most likely replaced the windows!


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