ACE Investment Properties Taps Local Award-Winning Architect for Peabody Building

ACE Investment Properties Taps Local Award-Winning Architect for Peabody Building

Renovating the Peabody Building in downtown Albion is going to be a challenging project, especially because for the project to work it would need grants and tax-saving programs to help with both the upfront and long-term viability of the project.  Even the most experienced teams struggle with the grant process, so the best team had to be assembled.

Architecture + Design was recommended to ACE as an excellent architectural firm that has extensive experience with historic, downtown projects in cities under 55,000 people. Their experience is best explained in their bio they recently shared:

Peabody Building in 2017 photo taken from northeast corner
Peabody Building 2017

“The majority of projects have involved the process of adaptive reuse and preservation of existing buildings. Many have been award winning at local and state levels. Through the years a focus has been developed to serve downtowns with populations of 55,000 or less. This came about as a result of efforts to revitalize downtown areas and finding that typical developers couldn’t make the numbers work for their profit goals for projects with under 50-80 apartment units. Downtowns of communities with less than 55,000 don’t have buildings large enough to provide that many units and as a result are left out of revitalization goals. A+D has developed an expertise in bringing Historic Tax Credits and other incentives to the table to help local owners make projects work. Randy Case is a licensed architect and has a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan and is also a Preservation Architect certified at Federal and State levels. Cody Newman has a master of Architecture degree from the University of Michigan and is a licensed architect with experience in adaptive reuse and preservation as well. Sue [Randy’s wife] has been the office manager and been involved with projects since the inception of the firm. Both Randy and Sue, Cody and his wife Caitlynn own and have rehabilitated historic properties.”

Speaking specifically about Peabody Block Project and its ACE Investment Properties, Architecture + Design said:

“The Peabody Block Project fits perfectly into the needs of Albion’s resurgence. The efforts [of] ACE Investment Properties show that commitment that is so necessary! A+D’s involvement started after the Peabody Block was first purchased by helping to select the team to maximize all incentives and, specifically, to make sure the design tells the “Story” that history offers, and the owners want to tell. We are excited about this next step in Albion’s history, working with “Team Peabody”, and re-creating a new future for the Peabody Block.”


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