1013 N Mingo St.

1013 N Mingo St.

1013 N Mingo St – 2-bedroom, 1 bathroom, 816 sq. ft. – (Rented)

As Albion experienced a great deal of growth when the foundries were expanding their capacity in the 1950’s, the foundries needed to find places to house this huge influx of employees. To satisfy this demand, hundreds of simple slab homes were built all around the northern parts of Albion. This is one of those homes.

This is another instance of a second-generation family member inheriting a home from their parents and not wanting to put the house on the market and pay Realtor fees. They called Ace Investment Properties to see if we had interest in purchasing it and the rest is history.

Thankfully, the home was in great condition but still needed some updates to make it a worry-free home for tenants and the landlord. For one thing, the electrical panel was the original with Buss fuses (and stuck in a closet – a no-no for current building codes). We also upgraded some bathroom fixtures, installed some new carpet, and swapped out the furnace to make it a comfortable little home.


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